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When hiring a Schroeder & Co. agent, you are getting the experience of over 1,000 transactions, providing you access to the market's most superior knowledge and expertise.

We view real estate as an opportunity to develop new relationships built on trust and integrity. We are forward thinking, innovative marketers that prioritize both communication and education.


Our team selectively hires the best in the business - full-time, determined agents who hustle 7 days a week and sell real estate like it's a super power that provide innovative solutions to ensure you succeed, every time.


noun | /ədˈvan(t)ij/

1. a condition or circumstance that puts one in a favorable or superior position
2. something that helps to make someone or something better or more likely to succeed than others

Britni and Rylie's partnership began in 2019 when Britni, after over 5 years of experience as an agent, saw a rare and unique quality in Rylie and selflessly decided to take her under her wing to share her extensive real estate expertise and wisdom. Together, they shared a level of grit and hustle unrivaled by their peers and a strong desire to lead their clients through a stress-free real estate experience with their unmatched real estate knowledge and negotiation skills. Their partnership transformed into a friendly competition, with Britni being the number one agent on Houston's largest real estate team, and Rylie right behind her in the number two spot. In 2021 alone, Rylie, after barely two years in business, helped 75 families close on their home. Britni broke records, closing over 100 homes in that year.Today, their goals remain aligned and to say they are excited to be working side by side again would be an understatement. This time, with a mission to elevate the real estate experience by partnering with established agents and training and mentoring new agents to make a bigger impact on the Houston, Austin and San Antonio real estate markets. By building on each of their strengths, they create an environment where innovative marketing meets real estate excellence.

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Britni and Rylie being

recognized as top agents 

in December 2019

Circa 2019, the "dream team" was born within Houston's largest real estate team. Britni, after six years of real estate experience, saw a particular determination and hustle within Rylie and created a partnership plan that would sky rocket Rylie's success as an agent. It was a unique and innovative way to train a new real estate agent, allowing Rylie full access to Britni's real estate expertise. They were quickly dubbed the dream team by their fellow agents and leadership team because of how fast their success as a duo was - ranking as the top agents on the team from the first month they were partnered and into the last. Britni and Rylie closed over 65 transactions together within 9 months before their partnership turned into a friendly competition with Britni ranking as the #1 agent on a team of over 50 agents and Rylie ranking #2. Through out their partnership, they discovered they had far more in common than just hustle. They both recognized a major gap in real estate knowledge amongst fellow agents. They both had a very deep, natural understanding of real estate transactions, contracts and the everchanging market. They both had a desire to be innovative for their clients. To find solutions, to not give up and to constantly be learning. They recognized the importance of networking, maintaining a list of reliable vendors and having an abundance of resources for their clients. They knew they had what it took to change and elevate the real estate experience, and 5 years later, they're proud to reunite the dream team, this time with equal expertise, knowledge and innovation to put those items into action and build a team of agents who feel the exact same.

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