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A Working Mom in Real Estate

This morning I woke up before 7 AM, even though I wanted to sleep in, but I guess that’s the mom life! That's right, another working mom here and proud of it. I check my emails, as I do every morning, just to clear them out and catch up because I cannot stand multiple notifications on my phone building up through out the day. Kudos to those that can but I am not one of them! I am on the look out for a client to send me back a signed listing agreement, which makes our partnership official and enables me to truly start working to sell their home on their behalf. More on that later.

Last night I saw a local veteran post on a Facebook group page asking if anyone had additional Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo tickets so that he could take himself and his wife to the rodeo because they just moved here from Minnesota and had never been. If you know me, you know how passionate I am about veterans and what they do for our country, so I decided to message this gentleman on the side to ask how many members were in his family. He is an army veteran that has served overseas with a family of four. Family and military are so important to me, so you guessed it! This morning I organized tickets for a concert next week so that he could take himself, his wife and their two children. In my opinion, it was the least I could do for this man who so selflessly served our country!

I then received an email from a local Cypress sign installer, which I had hired to print and install a sign for the land we are selling in Grimes county. They had impeccable turnaround time from design to install. I have been so impressed and highly recommend them if you're needing a sign of any sort. Find them here. They let me know they will be installing it today, so I'm excited to go out and see how it looks in real life. We’re doing something innovative with the listing billboard sign - we have a huge QR code on it, which will be very convenient for those passing by curious about the property! Our really genius team lead, Rylie, was the designer so I’ll need to reach out to her to help connecting the QR code to the listing website because... believe it or not... this 34 year old woman is still not technologically inclined. Ha! Check out more about the 13 acres for sale in Bedias here.

I then ran some errands, met up with a friend and let my daughter play with her chickens for a little while, and now I am back home with the baby in bed taking some time to create all of the marketing material for another listing that’s coming up next week in Conroe. A previous client of mine, who is a pharmaceutical doctor, also reached out and is wanting my help him to find a new residence to rent in the premium downtown Houston area. I went ahead and got him set up on a collection, which is an innovative home search program that we have here at Compass. I also helped him write his notice to vacate letter as he’s never done that. I'll do anything to help my clients!

Tomorrow is photo shoot day for one of my upcoming listings in Conroe! I’m so thankful that the sellers listened to me on the staging tips because the home looks absolutely spectacular. In their community, we will be competing with the builder who is still selling new construction homes in their area, so marketing on this listing has to be top notch. The sellers are completely overjoyed, feeling anxious, but also excited as they are heading off to their new journey of homeownership in Florida! Fun fact, I helped them find a stellar Realtor in Florida to ensure they were well taken care of. That's right. I can help you move in OR OUT of Texas! Don't forget it!





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