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What Houston Weather is Really Like

houston humidity

Welcome to Houston, where the weather could solely determine what type a day you are going to have. With Summers that are scorching and winters that could result in a freeze, Houston’s weather is as truly as diverse as its people. I have decided to do a deep dive into the Houston climate, shedding light on weather patterns and seasonal traditions. Without further ado, let's grab some sunscreen, an umbrella and antiperspirant, of course, as we take a journey through the ever changing climate of the Space City. 

In the Texas Southeast, weather isn’t just a topic of conversation amongst friends and coworkers, it is an important factor that dictates our routines and heavily influences the decisions we make and places we live. It doesn’t take long to realize Houston is a very hot and humid place. Whether it's your glasses fogging up as soon as you leave the house in the morning or feeling like you need another shower after being outside for only a few minutes, the humidity and heat is no joke. While Houston’s Summer seems to be the season that stands out amongst the rest, we do have all 4 seasons, so let's dive into what exactly that looks like here. 

Houston's Summers are the mecca, the kryptonite, the Goliath that all of us H-Town residents are forced to deal with every year. While the start of Summer here can be tolerable, as we descend from June into July and August, temperatures sky rocket and don't seem to let up. Temperatures reach the high 90’s and 100’s by June and you can rely on the humidity to never subside. This is also the time of year that thunderstorms are at an all time high, not to mention hurricane season. Hurricanes, whether big or small, are a matter of when and not if, each year. During this time, temperatures may drop slightly, but flooding waters may rise. And despite popular belief, The Woodlands and Conroe could flood just as bad, if not worse, as League City and Pearland during a Hurricane! Flood insurance is an absolute must in Houston, no matter what suburb you are in. Summer feels like it lasts from mid-April to beginning of October most years!

fall in houston

Yes, Houston does in fact have a Fall season, though maybe not the months you'd expect. We say farewell to the sweltering temperatures and enjoy those ideal 70 and 80 degree days between the months of October through December. If we are lucky, there might even be a few days in the 60’s or 50's! Perfect for football, tailgating and spending time outdoors. What's interesting here is that the leaves don't start to turn into those beautiful Fall colors until closer to December.

When it comes to Winter, I take what I can get. It's no Colorado Winter that I grew up in, but there are days with cooler temps! The Winter’s in Houston are mild where you may start and end the day with a light jacket, but still get sunshine during the day. While snow is ever a guarantee, Houstonians may get lucky with a few snow flurries at some point through the season, that usually lasts from mid-December to end of February. It's not enough to break out the snow shoes, but you can count on schools being cancelled since it is so rare. We have also been experiencing strong freezes, or Arctic Blasts, that last couple of years in January or February, so it's important to know how to maintain and protect your home during those times.

bluebonnets in houston

Spring is truly an awakening period. The blue bonnets begin to blossom, nature returns to its natural greenery and someone offering to sit outside for lunch is not considered an insult. Temperatures begin to warm up in March and you may experience a few different weather patterns in one day; Sunshine, rain, hail and then back to sunshine. While the weather becomes more active, you can rest assured that it still won't reach the extremes of Summer, yet. Spring is such pretty time here in the Texas Southeast and a favorite season for most of its residents!

How does this affect Houston real estate? Glad you asked!

During the hot and humid summers, there are a few things that take priority over others. First and foremost is an effective air conditioning system. These need to be regularly maintained and serviced to guarantee top performance every Summer. The scorching Summers also make having a pool in your backyard or community a top priority for many. And most importantly, your home's energy efficiency is vital. Bet you didn't know that windows could be energy efficient and if you did... I like you. Proper windows, attic and wall insulation and weather stripping at your doors can sure your home is keeping in that cool air in and the heat out. Not to mention hurricane season, so knowing which floodplain a home sits in, and it's flooding history, directly affects a home's desirability.

Fall is a great time to soak up the outdoors and you need a place to do that. Patios, decks and lush landscaping provides a space that you can enjoy our cooler weather. That means maintenance on the exterior of the home is crucial to create those enjoyable spaces!

As mentioned before, Houston may not be getting 4 feet of snow, but that doesn’t mean the winterization of homes can be ignored. Houston residents will need to prioritize efficient heating systems, similar to the cooling systems in the summer. Well insulated homes are just as important when it comes to keeping the warmth in and the cold air out. And to many, a wood burning fireplace and gas stove is important just in case we lose power during a harsh freeze (or hurricane).

By the time Spring arrives, there will be home shoppers everywhere. The first thing people see is the curb appeal of a home, so making sure that your yard is manicured and landscaping is fresh and bright is the biggest way to invite someone in (or turn someone else away).

Now of course, Houston may have some pros and cons to its climate, but there are always things you can do to stay prepared and make the most out of your home with peace of mind. There are over 7 million people who choose to call Houston home and there’s a reason for that! This city has so much to offer, so being able to adapt and prepare for each season will only help you enjoy it!

First things first, ceiling fans. Making sure you have air circulation through each room in the Summer is super helpful keep those indoor temps down. You should also make sure your windows and doors have proper seals and no cool air is escaping your home. You could also consider investing in energy efficient appliances. This will keep your utility cost down and your bank account happy. And with the potential for severe storms, I always suggest staying prepared with emergency supplies: first aid kit, water, non-perishable food, batteries and flashlights. 

As much as you may want to skip the housework to go enjoy your time outside, the Fall is your time to reassess and prepare. Depending on what type of Summer we had, take this time to see if there is any damage from hail storms or high winds to your roof or siding. Cleaning out those gutters is also vital, make sure that they are always clear of debris so they are effective and don't account for standing water around your home. Lastly, while on the tail end of Hurricane season, always make sure you know your evacuation routes and do inventory on your emergency supplies and restock if you need to.

Winter means WINTERIZE YOUR HOME! A lot of Houston homes are not prepared to withstand freezing temperatures for long periods of time. Every Houstonian goes through the winterizing process before temperatures get too cold. This means wrapping any plumbing pipes on the exterior of the home, covering any exterior faucets, turning off your irrigation system and draining the excess water in the irrigation piping. The pipes are your priority during the winter months. You can also put sheets or tarps over your landscaping. And when temperatures do get cold, remember to open your cabinet doors below your sinks and slowly drip water out of the faucet over night to prevent freezing.

spring in houston

Spring time means let your green thumb loose! Get outside and get to work! This is the best time to revamp those flowerbeds or get that garden started that you've been thinking about for years. This will only add to the curb appeal of your home! Once again, make sure those gutters and downspouts are clear so things flow as they should. Spring is also a great time to get any house projects out of the way. Temperatures aren’t too high yet, so it's not unbearable to do some manual labor. Finally, make sure you are prepared for the upcoming hurricane season. Make sure you and your family have a plan and supplies in case power goes out or you need to evacuate.

tracking houston weather

It is important to always be aware and knowledgable on the weather in the Houston area as it is constantly changing and can become severe pretty quickly. Below are some resources I would recommend to always stay on top of things:

  • National Weather Service Houston/Galveston: The National Weather Service provides detailed forecasts, radar imagery, and severe weather alerts specific to the Houston area on their website (

  • AccuWeather: AccuWeather provides reliable weather forecasts, radar maps, and storm alerts through their website and mobile app, offering users the latest weather updates tailored to their location in Houston.

Houston weather presents a diverse array of conditions throughout the year, ranging from scorching summers with high humidity to mild winters occasionally marked by rare freezes. The city also faces unique weather phenomena such as hurricanes and severe thunderstorms, making it essential for residents and homebuyers to remain vigilant and prepared.

Understanding Houston's local weather patterns is paramount for both residents and real estate decisions. Should you have further questions or require assistance navigating Houston's weather complexities, don't hesitate to reach out. Whether it's seeking advice on home maintenance during a particular season or understanding how weather impacts property values, our team is here to provide guidance and support. Stay informed, stay prepared and embrace the dynamic nature of Houston's weather.





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