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The Schroeder & Co. Real Estate Team Agents

This blog is a glimpse inside of our daily lives as real estate agents. The highs and the lows, the showings, the planning, the prepping, the conversations, the clients. But for me, as a team lead, my daily life revolves much more around the agents themselves. I do still service clients, and love that piece of my job, but the conversations I'm having day to day, the planning and prepping I'm doing is to help my agents propel and expand their businesses and create better experiences for their clients. Speaking of my own clients, check out the email that came across as I was writing this paragraph:

I've learned a number of different lessons through out my 200+ transactions as a real estate agent. One I live by, and try to teach my agents as well, is that if you put the work in, it will pay off. You may not always know when, but trusting that it will is key. The email above is a great example of that. Helping others avoid learning some of the harder lessons that real estate agents inevitably experience is a huge motivator for me. But the truth is, each of the agents on my team teach me on a daily basis, too.

Samantha is passionate and committed. She works harder than almost anyone I know and still has the energy to show up for her 3 kids authentically and patiently day in and day out. She is eager, every single day, to learn and grow. She is a beautiful example of how to exist as an absolute boss, a powerful negotiator, and a gentle and compassionate human at the same time. She teaches me grace, understanding and true friendship.

Alexandria is generous and resilient. She shares her knowledge abundantly and with no expectations. She shows up for her teammates, her family, her friends and her clients without question and has an ability to build these strong, lasting relationships that create mutual commitment and respect because of it. She teaches me to trust myself and my value, and I hope she knows how valued she is, too.

Natalie is creative and confident. I admire the passion she has for her business and her eagerness to grow it, even after being in the business for 7 years when most agents would choose to be content. She's an absolute work horse, extremely disciplined and somehow still finds time to stay active in her community and be a rockstar mom and wife. She wakes up every day with intention and dedication to her craft and shows up daily looking to better herself and her experience for her clients. She teaches me to be unapologetic, bold and to never settle.

Payton is resourceful and a complete natural. She pours her entire heart into every single transaction and it shows. She brings a level of compassion and understanding to real estate that is an absolute breath of fresh air when it comes to sales. Her commitment to the team, her inner circle and her clients is a beautiful thing to witness and I'm grateful she chose me to get to witness it. She teaches me to believe in myself, all because she first chose to believe in me.

Karen is optimistic and open-minded. She approaches real estate, even after 20 freaking years in business, with a fun, light hearted and joyful spirit that creates a one of a kind experience for her clients that I have immensely enjoyed witnessing. She still chooses to show up and find new ways to expand her skills and is quick to be a resource for agents and clients alike. She shows me just how far hard work can truly take you.

Caroline is kind, thoughtful and reliable. She shows up intentionally and patiently for those around her and though she rarely requires the spotlight, when she does speak up or have an idea, everyone tunes in. She has an awareness and intuition in both her business and personal life that I admire and she teaches me how powerful you can be by simply showing up as yourself, authentically.

Sara is accountable and real. The way I have seen her show up for and communicate with her clients is one of the most impressive and enjoyable things to witness as a team lead. She is the definition of a resource, requiring no obligation and giving her entire heart and dedication to every situation. She teaches me to lead with my heart, and I love watching her lead with hers.

Britni is a master. She is loyal and she is all in. When she believes in you, she will commit to you and pour into you before you even know it (or deserve it). Britni's dedication and commitment to people she cares about - her clients, our agents, her family and friends... is beautiful and rare. The amount Britni has taught me over the years could be a lengthy blog post within itself, but most of all, she teaches me loyalty and trust. I am beyond grateful to have hers, as it's made the most profound impact on my life.

That is my day to day. Interacting with rockstar real estate agents, who happen to be also be strong women, powerful negotiators, hard workers, moms, wives, girlfriends, community leaders, creatives and friends. Name a better real estate team. I'll wait.



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Couldn’t ask for a better team! Just WOW!

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