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The 6 Best Date Night Spots in Austin

It’s Thursday night, you have the whole weekend ahead of you and it’s time to make some

romantic plans for you and your hunny. Perhaps you’re looking for a vibey cocktail lounge to

meet for a first date or maybe you’re wanting a more romantic night out with your partner to somewhere you’ve never been before. Whatever the occasion, I’m going to share my top 5 recommendations for a date night out in Austin, Texas. My credentials to be able to speak on the matter, you may ask? I am a native Austinite currently residing in downtown Austin with a husband who, time and again, woos me with incredible date nights on the town. So, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, here is my comprehensive list of the 5 best date night spots in Austin - spanning from intimate and romantic to fun and flirty and everything in between.

For the folks - yes I said folks, welcome to the South - who find themselves in search of a

relaxed energy, good conversation, day drinking beer or cider type of date, I have three spots

that immediately come to mind.

Lazarus Brewing Co. Austin

First up, let me introduce you to Lazarus Brewing Co. in East Austin. Lazarus Brewing is owned

by a former pastor turned brewmaster and naturally, he gives you some subtle Bible references throughout the menu and space. With beer names like “Walks on Water” and “40 Days and 40 Nights,” it’s a fun, tongue in cheek nod to the owner’s roots while remaining completely accepting and inclusive of all. The beers brewed here are exceptional, the tacos are incredible, the indoor/outdoor seating is spacious and most weekends they have live music in the evenings!

Next up on my low-key date night list is Hold Out Brewing Co. on the West end of downtown

Austin. Hold Out is high up on my list not only because they have an expansive beer list and arguably the best chicken sandwich in the city, but also because they have a huge lot behind the building that offers guests free parking. If you live or have been downtown, you know what a big

deal it is to have free parking space!

Meanwhile Brewing Austin

And for the finale on my day drinking, beer loving date spot suggestions list is going to be Meanwhile Brewing in South Austin. When I tell you this place is massive, that doesn’t even do it justice. Meanwhile is almost an amusement park, no joke. Offering guests ample outdoor seating, playgrounds and a soccer field for any kiddos who may be accompanying you on your date, a food truck park that are all so tasty, TV’s to watch sports games, a stage for live music events AND plenty of indoor seating for the days you don’t feel like sitting outside. The menu here is expansive and offers both brews and liquor for the non beer drinkers. I’m telling you, this spot is a must visit.

Here Nor There Austin

Moving right along! Let’s discuss the best date night spots for couples who are

looking for a more romantic and intimate. And what screams romantic more than a dark, vibey, exclusive cocktail lounge? Here Nor There is on my “must visit” list for everyone I know who visits or lives in Austin. This speakeasy is located downtown through an unassuming alleyway right behind 6th Street. Reservations fill up quickly as the space is very limited, there are only 10-12 tables in the space. You have to download their app and send a request that requires approval in order to secure your spot on the list. I don’t want to spoil the experience, as it is truly that, an experience. From the masterfully crafted drinks themselves to the expertise and friendliness of the staff, don’t take my word for it, get a reservation immediately and see for yourself!

While a recommendation like that may seem hard to follow, Austin has no shortages of date

night spots to romance your sweetheart. Next on the list I definitely recommend Devil May Care on the West end of 6th Street. This Mediterranean inspired underground cocktail lounge has recently exploded in popularity. The dramatic decor gives you the feeling of being in a super wealthy, kinda kooky, but very chic rich Aunt’s basement. The hummus plate here is a favorite of mine if you’re wanting a light bite and they do have a full bar with their espresso martini being one of the big draws here. Some nights they will have a DJ at a certain hour and the restaurant setting shifts into more of a club vibe offering a fun and unique date night atmosphere.

La Holly Cantina Austin

Shifting to the East side of 6th Street is one of my all time favorite bars for when the romance is calling my name, La Holly Cantina. This tiny, tequila only corner bar is a must for all of my

tequila lovers, and we all know tequila really sets the mood, right? Wink, wink. It’s hard to pick a

top favorite as all of their cocktails are so well crafted. From a classic frozen margarita, to the Oaxacan wipeout which has pineapple, cinnamon, habanero and other flavors mixed with mezcal, there’s something for all flavor profiles. The bar itself only has a few tables so it feels very intimate and the bartenders who work there have the absolute best taste in music so the playlist is always immaculate.

I could keep going. You really cannot go wrong planning a date night in Austin! For those who get overwhelmed by just how many places there are to grab a drink in the city, I hope you look into some of my favorite spots above and give one, or all, a try! Happy dating, friends.




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