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Schroeder & Co. Real Estate Team from an Agents Perspective

It’s 2:22 am and I’m in my notepad... Baby Ryan says "Hi!" It’s quiet and my eyes are heavy. I get one more 2-hour nap before I start my day. I have a strong internal debate going on right now and it’ll continue well into the morning; should I go to the gym or get extra sleep? Sleep has some very convincing points, and it’s hard to sacrifice those precious hours, but I know it’s my only available window put work into my other passion. 

I love this new chapter as his mommy. Mommyhood is undoubtedly a new addition to my identity, something I never thought I would say! I resonate with the identity now, I get the hype. I look at other moms and I welt up inside with how much I love them from afar. How much I support them from my mommy corner over here. How much respect I have for them. Mommyhood is hard! Ryan is 3.5 months old and by pretty much everyone’s standards, he’s a very good baby! He has, however, decided that bottles are just the absolute worst. So when the little man is hungry, that’s 100% on me at that moment. So you can see why those early morning debates are happening. But my decision has been made... Time for my nap.

My days look different these days as a new mommy. They are more difficult in most aspects. The saying goes along the lines of “I wouldn’t change it for anything,” but the truth is I am making a lot of changes these days! My schedule and life are basically starting anew. I have to fit my solo time in the early hours instead of using my natural clock for what fits best in my day. I am currently typing this from my living room floor while we have tummy time, instead of my usual desk set up. One of my biggest changes, of late, is joining the boss babe real estate team of Schroeder & Co. 

I have an arsenal of professionals in my corner like never before. Have you heard the phrase “you are the average of your company?” Because the company I keep is badass. I have experts and specialists across markets; This allows for a more specialized and efficient approach to serving my clients. I have more agents available, more hands on deck, to help me handle client inquiries, showings and administrative tasks, providing better coverage and responsiveness to clients' needs. But the BIGGY - collaboration and support. My team collaborates, shares knowledge and supports each other, leading to better problem-solving, idea generation and overall client service. These babes are marketing and networking experts! This is a fun one for me. It has gotten my creative juices flowing and brings back the fun of real estate for me. Additionally, team members can tap into each other's networks, increasing the reach and potential for finding buyers or properties. PLUS most of these women are moms themselves and just the pure inspiration they give me to rock the mom-boss in me is gold. Y’all. This change gives me insight. It gives me immeasurable growth. This gives me better work-life balance. I am grateful to be the average of this company.





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