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Realtors are Event Planners, Too

Alex here! Come along with me as I throw a prospecting event!

Prospecting is the process of connecting with new people, cultivating and building relationships with a goal of those relationships turning into future business. Now, let me be clear. My goal for this event is to be creative, have fun and make people happy. During that process, I also hope to provide value and ensure they are aware I am a real estate resource that they can rely on. You'd be so surprised at the amount of horror stories I've heard, so my mindset has become that by not sharing my expertise, and letting them know I truly do want their business, I am doing those I care about a disservice.


In Fall of 2021, I put on an intimate ‘charcuterie making’ class for a group of 8 ladies from a local MOMS group that a friend of mine is a part of. Am I a professional at making grazing boards? No. But I am guilty of having the ‘I can do anything’ gene and I come from a family of creatives so – this is right up my alley.


The ladies of this MOMS group have been asking for another event for a year and a half and I finally have the space to say yes! While the last event felt like a big success, I learned so much and I knew I could do it better, and for less out of pocket cost.


For the last month, I’ve been building a marketing strategy/collateral. See, that’s the intricate dance we do when it comes to real estate. How do I show people real estate value, while having fun, without coming off as a ‘salesperson’? I hate that term being affiliated with being a Realtor®, by the way. Sure, I have professional sales training, but I don’t approach my business as selling anything other than your home. But that’s just me!


Back to the event and things I did differently this time around... I decided to charge a small attendance fee. This helped my out of pocket cost of throwing an event like this, especially because I had a goal of 15 attendees. Guess what? I have 15 paid RSVPs! Set a goal and hit the goal, y’all. I also learned that I needed to be more intentional with the way I highlight my experience and value to these ladies. I created a brief presentation, a giveaway and additional take home goodies related to both board making and real estate. My goal is to deliver some area specific real estate information from the presentation and better connect with event attendees with the giveaway option!


If you haven’t gotten it by now, I’m a planner. Something that absolutely came in handy, because it's just 5 days before the event and my 4-year-old had an accident at school and broke her leg! Her femur, to be specific. So, she’s sporting a beautiful purple cast from her hip to her ankle, and she has her own personal butler (me). Welcome to working motherhood. My husband and I always say there’s never a dull moment in our house. Between 2 kids, 3 cats and a golden retriever puppy, truer words have never been spoken.


The food is prepped, the table is set, and all the things are done! I can’t wait to have so much fun in just a couple of days. Connecting with people like this and being a resource for them is why I love my career.

Ciao! Xx


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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Alexandria does a great job navigating you to find the right home. She is meticulous with research and giving all our options. Alexandria is someone who I highly recommend to anyone in looking to buy in the Houston and San Antonio area. Her expertise will guide anyone to one of the most important financial purchases with ease.

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