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What a Day...

As I sit here and write up our first official blog post for Schroeder & Co. Real Estate, it's 8:27pm and I still have some items on my to do list. A lot has crossed my mind in terms of the why behind our team starting a blog, and my girls helped me define that in our team meeting a couple days ago. Above all, our team has a goal of being a real estate resource for anyone and everyone. We want to make the real estate experience not only enjoyable, but digestible. I think presenting ourselves to you in the most authentic way by sharing our day and experiences, good, bad, ugly and honestly, helps us achieve that. Our hope is that our true passion for real estate is captured and you walk away learning something new about the real estate process or experience... Or simply laughing at the insane experience we had at our showing that day (there is truly never a dull moment). We hope you enjoy reading about our days, as much as we love living them.

My day started bright and not so early around 7:30am. Most definitely a perk of my job - getting to control my own schedule and how much or little I sleep. I like my sleep, so most days I choose to stay up late to get things done, versus trying to accomplish them in before the sun rises. I generally have no problem washing my face, chugging a glass of water and getting straight to work. And that's what I did. I sat in my favorite place to work in my home, which if you've been on a zoom or google meet call with me, you know that background. It's my big comfy couch in the living room, and it ironically has the absolute worst service in my whole house. More on that later. Also, remind me I need to get better about eating breakfast.

The night before last, I sent out over 35 individual and personalized emails to more seasoned real estate agents in the Austin area in hopes to recruit and build our Austin team. I woke up to two responses, one requesting more information so my first priority was to get into contact with her. I've been asked if a requirement of joining the team was to be a "pretty girl." The truth is, I don't care if you're pretty. But if we can build a badass real estate team of just women, I'm all for it. It's not a requirement though, and I did reach out to plenty of men in my search. Maybe they are intimated? Is my feminist coming out?

By 10am, I've been on and off the phone for nearly two hours with different clients and agents of mine. We are in the process of onboarding a newly licensed agent, who will be starting her entire career with us. We need to get her into the Compass system so she can start prepping and familiarizing herself with our CRM, which we live by. It allows us to stay in contact with clients seamlessly, reminds us of home anniversaries, tracks our progress as a team, etc. Another one of my agents has a listing going live in Barton Hills tomorrow and another in Cherrywood closing. She got an on off market offer on the Barton Hills listing, meaning she had an agent send her sellers an offer before the listing ever hit the market. Yes, it's badass. She's badass. However, the buyer's agent who sent the offer is being what I'd like to call... a turd. Real estate offers are rarely only about the price. There are numerous other terms like the option period, repairs, close date, financing that affect whether a seller will accept the offer. Samantha's clients have already agreed to a handful of less than ideal terms (for the seller) and now the buyer's agent is coming back with an additional ask. If they agree, the pro is the Samantha's clients can avoid testing the market (for now) since they've secured a buyer. The con to agreeing is that the offer sucks. It's not a win-win. The sellers have given and given and are being asked to give more, and haven't even gotten to see what buyer's on the open market would offer for it. Ultimately, the decision is the sellers and after consulting at length with their agent, Samantha, they decided to walk away from the offer and test the market after all. Now, time to prep the listing for market and find a more serious buyer.

Phew, it's about 2pm now and I still haven't eaten. I actually haven't put my phone down for longer than 5 minutes without another call. I spent a little while working on our website, which I am super proud of, but I have a listing that needs to go live today in Candela, a subdivision in Katy. Photos for that listing were originally supposed to happen last Friday, but as the seller was prepping the listing, the paint color they had for the walls didn't match. Time to pivot, reschedule photos and find a contractor to now repaint the whole house... These poor sellers have been so prepared too - they are moving items to storage, decluttering, filling nail holes, getting fresh landscaping. And I am confident it will pay off but when you are selling a home, a wrench in the plan and timeline like this feels far more stressful than you would think. Monday comes, which is when we had the photos rescheduled for, but the weather is nasty in Houston and the photographer suggests rescheduling to Tuesday. The days on market for this neighborhood are a little longer and we have had a plan of going live by Wednesday (today), which means it will pop up in most home buyers portals by Thursday, and have an open house hosted by my agent, Payton, on Saturday. The day you go active on the market should absolutely strategic. Luckily, my photographer gets the photos to me this morning, I saw them come through when I was on a zoom call earlier. Luckily, majority of the listing has already been prepped in HAR for me by my transaction coordinator and I just need to go in, add the photos, write the listing description and make some final touches. Which is my priority for the next hour.

Our newest agent is running her first ever CMA report and has some questions. When creating a CMA, comparative market analysis, you want your numbers to be as defined as possible. The address she's running comps on is in Greatwood and in her first report, she used a comp from Tara. If you're familiar with the area, you know the communities are not comparable. Additionally, she was also only using comps with more than 4 bedrooms, since the subject property has 4 bedrooms. Fun fact, if the bathroom count is the same and the square footage is between about 300sqft, the value between a 3 bedroom home and 4 bedroom home doesn't change drastically. After coaching her through this, she returned a report that was much more accurate. Proud coach moment.

I am starting to get a headache from starring at the screen so long at this point, so I decided to take a break and *eat a banana*. Why? I couldn't eat anything with more substance? What am I thinking? I also take this time to put some laundry in and prep some mailers that need to go out to my agents today. I ordered a ton of new swag like pens, bottle openers, keychains, listings guides, buyer guides, and my agents are from Montgomery to Cypress to Dripping Springs. So next I head to USPS and spend a little over an our not only shipping their swag, but sending off 25 client appreciation gifts. These get sent over the year to the clients who show me so much love. I love having an opportunity to show them love back and let them know I'm thinking of them. We did "Good Fortune Simmer Pots" for January.

Between taking a walk on the golf course, my boyfriend and I's evening routine, and cooking dinner (yes I am finally eating a real meal), I have a buyer who recently closed reach out and ask for information on their new HOA and an agent inquire about a property I have listed out in Pecan Bend in Damon (yay). The buyer closed in December and just got a bill from the HOA for the yearly dues. She remembered paying that amount at closing, so was confused as to why they were asking she pay it again. In actuality, the HOA dues are prorated at closing, but with them being paid at the beginning of the year and her closing in December, it wasn't a large amount. What she is remembering paying at closing is the Capitalization Fee. This is common in newer, larger communities with a ton of amenities - Bridgeland and Towne Lake in Cypress, Cross Creek Ranch in Katy/Fulshear, and Meridiana in Manvel to name a few. The Capitalization Fee is usually a couple thousand dollars and is required for each homeowner to pay to gain access to the HOA.

And here we are. I showered a little while ago and now I sit in my favorite spot writing this blog post with my dogs cuddled up to me and my boyfriend watching That's My Boy. I have heard my phone vibrate at least 12 times, so I am going to get back my actual work and wrap that up so I can spend some quality time with my family. It's been quite a random and wild day, which is actually not random and wild at all, since every day is full of something different for 12+ hours straight. I think it would be too chaotic for a lot of personality types, but I thrive in it. It's stressful. It's uncomfortable at times. It's a lot. The most important part: I wouldn't have it any other way.




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