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My Craziest Real Estate Story to Date

Hi, y’all. I'm writing this on Tuesday and it most definitely feels like this week has already been about... two weeks long. As I stand at the edge of my kitchen island, AKA my desk, where I eat my lunch, my “mom’ing” chair, my digest the day over wine with my husband spot... I’m thinking about how much I’m going to miss this little spot.

You see, the last few days have been a freaking whirlwind. Let me fill you in. My husband randomly found our dream piece of land when scrolling through Zillow (you know, as we all do for funsies). It has a cute little home on it in the hill country, so we are currently, frantically, prepping our home to be listed, so that we can purchase our homestead dream! Since I'm a Realtor, I am the selling agent on our home, and will act as the buyer agent when we purchase the acreage. OH, and we have three children under the age of 3 AND I have active clients listing and buying homes. Am I crazy? Maybe. But what’s the point of life if you don’t take risks and hustle for the dream, right!? More on this another time.

Law of Attraction is real, y’all! Last Wednesday was just another Wednesday and I needed to load up my three children to go find Ginny, our Walker Hound Dog, who cannot be trusted in our fenced yard. The neighbors and neighborhood know her well these days. Thankfully we found her quickly, but it was so much work loading up the kids that I decided we were going to go on a little drive to get a coffee and croissant at the cute little shop down Highway 12 since we were already out. Drive thru coffeeshops are a moms best friend, y’all! It was a gorgeous day, so we were driving back home with the windows down, of course. As I turn down the main road that leads to our cul-de-sac, I see an older gentlemen in his town car - an abnormal sight to see out here in "4WD Big Trucks Only Ville." His window down also, so I assume he’s feelin’ the day too and doing an actual stop at the stop sign. That's when he waves at me through his window... and not like the friendly country wave that we all do out here, but like a “hey you, come here” wave. I back up, hesitantly obviously as this stranger man is waving me down while I have my kids in the car.

“Hi, sir, how can I help you?”

“Well, ma’am, I’m a bit embarrassed to say I’m lost.. Are you able to give me some directions?”

“Well of course, I live here in the neighborhood and am very familiar with the area.”

“Oh wonderful, I was just driving around looking for a home to rent or purchase and my phone

died and now won’t charge”

No. Way.

“How funny is that, I am actually a real estate agent.”

“Oh then you most certainly know your way around, thank you so much for stopping, I am just so embarrassed,” as he shows me his phone not working. We discuss where he is staying, which is about 30 minutes away in Lakeway, and go over the directions back there multiple times so he doesn't forget.

“Well thank you again so much for helping this stupid old man. Do you have a business card?”

“You know I do!” I handed him my card as he repeats the directions to me again. “3 rights and a left?” “Yes sir,” I confirmed.

I called my husband right away to tell him the whole story because I’m just so stoked. What if

this random person becomes my client!? What an insane story that would be. Considering I didn't get his info, only gave him mine, what are the odds he actually calls?


HE CALLED! Of freaking course while I’m wrangling children, but he leaves the absolute sweetest voicemail ever thanking me for my help and hoping for my assistance in his future home search as well. This story brings me so much joy and gratitude. We played phone tag for about a week until I finally caught his call back today and we planned for some showings in about a month when he travels back from New York. Wow.

Be kind, y’all… It pays off.




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