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Lessons Learned with Lakefront Living

1). The storms are more ferocious (i.e. hail and wind)! So if you're building your dream home on the lake, metal roofs boast well. Also... birds of prey land on roof tops.  

2). The air temperature is a few degrees cooler than non waterfront, making it so nice in the Texas Summers. 

3). If you decide to have chickens while living lakefront, make sure they are completely enclosed and doors locked. Raccoons can open doors. 

4). Gardens must be enclosed, too, due to rock squirrels and deer feasting. 

5). Refrain from taking your boat out on the 4th of July when the entire Austin population is out.  

6)  When selling your waterfront property, make sure you contact an experienced Real Estate agent who can provide the due diligence for you in regards to LCRA regulations so that when you go Under Contract, you actually get to the closing table!   




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