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A Real Estate Agent's Worst Nightmare

One year ago today, I woke up at 6am and geared up for a jam-packed day of juggling motherhood and real estate-hood. I got both my girls up and ready for school. I typically get them up first, dressed, bags packed and then sit them down for breakfast and cartoons. Only then, I am able to somehow make myself presentable and scoot us out the door by 7:45am.


I spent the better part of the morning bopping around between Hockley and Cypress showing homes to my clients Stacey and Jazlyn. The last photos and videos on my phone were from this perfect home in Hockley that only Stacey and I viewed. After that, we were going to meet Jazlyn back in Cypress to check out a new construction home in Marvida but I was running early. In between the showings I stopped by Tiff’s Treats to snag some cookies for another client of mine that I was set to see later that afternoon.


It was between the cookies and Marvida that our family got the biggest scare to date. I was the first car in the middle lane set to go straight at an intersection in Cypress. The light turned green and the car to my right and I took off. The next thing I knew, I heard the most horrific BOOM and everything went black.


My mind is still unable to remember exactly what happened in those moments. I’m sure it’s my brains way of protecting me from more trauma (crazy how our minds do that, right). I opened my eyes and I noticed I was inhaling a lot of airbag powder. My car and I were in the oncoming traffic lanes and I could see people beginning to stop and get out of their cars. My glasses had been knocked off my head, my shoes flew off and there was glass everywhere. I quickly checked to make sure I didn’t have any major visible injuries.


The sweetest man came and pried my driver’s side door open. Since I didn’t have any shoes on, he scooped me up like a baby and carried me to the grass. That’s when I saw my entire front end demolished. I looked over and saw a minivan equally eviscerated on one side. I panicked. I have critical incident training from my time with the San Antonio Police Department so I typically handle emergency stress very well, but this hit me different. My adrenaline skyrocketed as I tried to get out the words "who else was involved?"


That’s when another lady came running over to me, equally shaken and told me she was the other driver. And by God’s grace, it was only the two of us in both cars. She was profusely apologizing that she had zoned out and ran the red light. I was just glad that we were both going to be okay.


Shortly after, I was so relieved to see… MY CLIENTS! They sprang into action and came to my rescue. They really were a blessing. They helped me take photos of the accident, gather my belongings, gather witness information and even took me to the ER. We are trauma bonded FOR LIFE! I can imagine it was also scary and stressful for them, too.


And this story’s ending is still a happy one! While my body is still recovering and some aftermath lingers, just 30 days after the wreck, my first-time homebuyers become homeOWNERS. It was my pleasure to hand Stacey and Jaz the keys to that perfect house in Hockley we had seen that morning before one of the most traumatic experiences of my life. Watching them make that house into their home has been such a joy over the past year (almost home-iversary time!) and that’s one of the many reasons I love what I do.


Drive safe y’all.


Ciao. Xx



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