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A New Construction Final Walk Through First

Bennett the Builder

closing on a new construction home

A day in the life of a Real Estate Team Lead, who is also a mom of three very active boys, is both exciting and exhausting, let's be honest. This life involves switching hats from hour to hour. There are days where I am gone from sun up to sun down, in and out of my car in different locations for different meetings or events, doing literary circles around the Houston area, and today was exactly that. I started early in the morning, getting my teenager ready to start his school day with a farm fresh breakfast in the form of fresh eggs (picked from our chicken coop, of course), and getting the smallest Davison off to school. My middle child, Bennett, was with me for the day so that I could get his passport renewed, so he attended some of my meetings that I had scheduled as both appointments were across town. 

sold by britni davison

We honestly manhandled the day. We completed the passport application processing as well as many other items on my wide ranging, never ending to-do list. As I was preparing for the last appointment of the day, I had the idea to build my clients family in LEGO form, which would be a fun little mental break in the midst of a crazy day full of work activities. Bennett helped me select the perfect heads, outfits and accessories for all three LEGO figures and we grabbed a quick lunch prior to more driving to my clients soon to be new home.    

When we arrived, we were greeted by the new construction homebuilder and my clients. We all gathered to begin the builder's final walkthrough, which involves going through the property to mark any remaining items that needed to be handled prior to closing and double check the items we pointed out during our prior blue tape walk that should already be complete. I had intended on Bennett, my 8 year old, observing this meeting. Not participating or contributing, obviously. I should have known he would surprise me - he often exceeds my expectations. He jumped right into the meeting  almost immediately and assisted in finding additional items of concern, in a professional and methodical manner. My 8 year old! It was clear to everyone that this was not his first builder walkthrough and that he had been gaining experience over the years by observing me much more closely than I realized. By the end of the meeting, the builder wanted to hire him, but unfortunately his schedule doesn’t allow for additional full time commitments ;). He did however, end up being included in the email chain for the property and was able to keep tabs on the remaining items from afar. The best part? My email address got spelt wrong in the follow up email the builder sent, confirming the items we discussed at our walk through, and my EIGHT YEAR OLD SON had to forward it to me. Hilarious. Amazing. All the things.

Moments like this remind me that the life I have worked so hard to curate for my children provides value in ways I don’t always see coming. These moments are small confirmations that I am serving more than my clients or my family at any given time. Sometimes I am serving them simultaneously and that synergy is such a beautiful thing. It's everything.

He worked hard for this cheesecake.




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