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10 Things to Know Before Moving to Austin, Texas

Austin is a rapidly growing, eclectic city that attracts creatives and corporations alike. I am one of the few native Austinites, meaning I was actually born and raised here unlike a majority of our population who have moved in from other parts of Texas and the US, so I'm here to give you a quick, deep dive into this city I love calling home. If you're considering a change in scenery to one of the fastest growing metro areas in the US, and the Capitol of Texas, here's what I think you should know before moving to Austin, Texas.

1. We are very particular around here about how you pronounce certain road names and surrounding cities/towns. Let me give you a cheat sheet.

Burnet Road - "Burn-it" Road

Manchaca (the road not the town!) - "Man - chack"

Boerne - "Burn - ee"

Guadalupe (road and river) - "Gwad - e - loop"

Pedernales (river, park and electric company) - "Purr - de - nal -es"

Buda - "Bew - duh"

Koenig Road - "Kay - nig"

Manor (road and city) - "May - ner"

South Congress - SoCo

2. On that note, you should be aware of what we call the main roads and highways so you can get around easier.

Loop 1 - Mopac

2244 - Bee Cave

I-35 - 35

6th Street - West 6th and East 6th (very different sections)

Martin Luther King Jr Blvd - MLK

N Capital of Texas HWY - 360

3238 - Hamilton Pool Rd

San Jacinto - San Jack

Lady Bird Lake

3. Lady Bird Lake is also known as Town Lake.
Actually, you know someone is a true Austin native when they call Lady Bird Lake, “Town Lake.” It was renamed in 2007 after Lady Bird Johnson and her efforts to improve the waterfront. Despite the name, it's actually just the dammed part of the Colorado River and is a huge Austin attraction! I highly suggest planning a trip to paddle board, kayak or boat and enjoy the stunning views. Pst: swimming is highly discouraged here.

4. There has always been this idea of North Austin folk and South Austin folk being "different."

The story goes that back in the 60’s and 70’s, it was the equivalent of “Hicks vs. Hippies." The dividing line? Town Lake... AKA Lady Bird Lake (are you catching on?)! So in 1987, as my dad tells me, the North and South decided to have a tug of war competition across the lake on the east side of 35. Actual tug of war! When the 140 people from the losing side were pulled into the water, the other side declared victory. This actually happened, y'all!

5. Austin has 15 nature preserves!

There are also a number of natural springs, the most popular being Barton Springs, and some of the most gorgeous hiking you’ll ever see. Many of which are not open to the public and must be stumbled upon in order to experience their beauty as they are just too sensitive to support large crowds. To check out hidden gems like this go give @hikeaustin & @guthrie.atx a follow on Instagram.

6. We are home to one of the oldest operating business in Texas AND Bowling Alleys

Scholz Beer Garten opened in 1866 and is located in the heart of UT Austin. It is a must visit for watching any Longhorn sporting event and a prime spot for tailgating fun. There are only 4 businesses in Texas that predate the Scholz Garten! Scholz is also home to one of the oldest operating bowling alleys in the entire US - The Saengerrunde Bowling Club. But sorry folks, it’s private and you gotta know someone who knows someone to gain access... I may or may not be one of those someones.

7. As of April 2024, Austin is home to 10 Billionaires!

From Elon Musk (Tesla), to Joe Gebbia (Airbnb), Austin ranks in the 10th highest billionaire population.

The Moon Towers Austin

8. One of Austin's lesser known historical features are The Moon Towers

Also known as the Moonlight Towers and designed in the 19th century as an, at the time, innovative way to provide light to the city after dark, today Austin is the ONLY city in the US to still operate a functional network of them! We have 15 of the originally 31 still standing with no plans of

them going anywhere. If you're curious to see them, some of the most notable ones can be found at Zilker Park, popularly featured during the annual Zilker Park Christmas Tree lighting event, West Lynn and 12th Street and East 11th and Lydia Streets. "There's a new fiesta in the making as we speak. It's out at the Moontower. Full kegs, everybody's going to be there." Name that scene!

9. Austin is home to one of the first desegregated municipal golf courses in the South.

Lions Municipal Golf Course. SAVE MUNY!

10. We like our watering holes around here.

And I don’t mean swimming. I’m talking about wettin’ your whistle... feelin’ thirsty... throwin’ it down the ol’ hatch… The Historic Scoot Inn, known as a railroad saloon in the mid 1800’s, is now known for some of the best live music in town and claimed to be one of the oldest continuously running bars in Texas. Another hot spot, and my personal favorite watering hole, was recently named historic site by the city of Austin - Deep Eddy Cabaret.

Deep Eddy Cabaret Austin

Austin is outgrowing its own britches, no doubt. But I think folks like me, the native Austinites and others who respect and admire the city as such, will continue to showcase its historic roots and be walking, talking examples of its true core and identity as one of the best cities in the US!

Considering a move to Austin, Texas? Our team would love to help. Check out our destination guide here and reach out if we can answer any questions! Whether you're moving next month, need to find somewhere to live tomorrow or you're in the beginning stages of weighing your options, our goal is to be your resource.

See y’all around town!




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